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My Circuits

7 - Segment Display

This circuit featured a 7-Segment Display that is connected to a driver circuit controlled by the PICAXE Microcontroller which is programmed in C. The Circuit contains 4 inputs, each of which showcase the 7-Segment Display count up or down at varying speeds. Click on these links to access the different inputs: Input 1, Input 2, Input 3, and Input 4.

Clear Picture Of Circuit (1).jpg

Finite LED Flash Loop using PICAXE Microcontroller

This circuit features a finite loop that displays a series of 10 LEDs flashing, one after the other. The driver circuit is the PICAXE Integrated Circuit which has been programmed in C. Check out the video of the circuit in action through this link.


2-LED Transistor Circuit with a 555-Flasher Integrated Circuit

This circuit features a 2-LED Transistor Flasher Circuit and a 555-IC Flasher Circuit on a Breadboard (only the 555-Flasher circuit is shown in the image). You could access the full circuit through this link.

555 Flasher Circuit.jpg

Motor Controller Simulator

This circuit simulated motor controller of sorts as it displays different LEDs depending on the input given. The input corresponds to a specific set of LEDs being lit up. To access the project and the code, please click on this link.


3-LED Transistor Circuit

This circuit displays 3 LEDs flashing in sequential fashion through the use of 3 transistors. You can watch the circuit in action through this link.


Full Binary Adder Circuit

This Full Adder circuit adder introduces the addition of two one-bit binary numbers plus a carry in. Based on the inputs, the Logic Gates determine the output which controls which LEDs light on and light off. You could access and play with the circuit through this link.

Binary Full - Adder Circuit (with LEDs ON).jpg
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