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My Projects

This is where some of my major and most impactful projects are displayed! Most of my projects focus primarily on Full-Stack Development including frameworks and tools such as Node.js, React, MongoDB, and so much more! My projects also showcase the Model-View-Controller framework, User Authentication, Blockchain technology, and most important, fun user interaction! I also often dabble with firmware and embedded systems.

To get a full list of my projects, please visit my GitHub!



Anonymous Smiles

This application allows people to anonymously share positive messages with each other! The project integrates with Passport.js and MongoDB using the Mongoose ORM. Once a user makes an account through registration, they could submit anonymous positive messages that are saved unto the database. The 'Sentiment' NPM package performs sentiment analysis on the String entered by the user and provides it with either a positive, neutral, or negative score. Only messages that have a positive score are logged onto the database, and therefore, are rendered on the feed, and this was tested by 35+ users. Click on this link to access the project!


Keeper App

A clone of Google's Keep App, the "Keeper" App allows its users to write notes and To-Do Lists for themselves. The app was built using Node.js and the React library, and has been tested by 15+ users. The app also provides an elegant UI design thanks to the implementation of the Material-UI core and icon NPM packages that were heavily used across the frontend, along with other frontend modules. Feel free to check out the project through this link!



FaceLock (AI-Driven Door Lock)


FaceLock is a facial-recognition-based door lock that unlocks once it recognizes a face from the dataset. It was built using Python and the OpenCV library, and implements machine learning and a Face-detection AI algorithm to detect users found in the dataset. This was used to eliminate the use of keys and make household access easier for everyone. Another goal of the project was to reduce the number of burglaries and break-ins, as Face-detecting AI has been proven to be very secure for all sorts of systems. This project was pitched and tested in front of of an audience of 110+ Software Engineering Students. Feel free to check out this demo of the project, as well as the GitHub repository!


Snake MVC Game

A childhood favourite! I recreated the classic Snake Game using the Java Swing GUI and through implementing the Model-View-Controller design pattern. In addition, I added my own twists on the game by implementing a difficulty feature that impacts speed and score, a round feature that sees a player play a certain number of rounds before a game is over, and a target score feature that forces a player to work towards a certain score to win the round and the game. This game was played by 50+ high school students and was used in Computer Science classroom demonstrations. Click on this link to access the project!



DBank - My First DeFi App

DBank is DeFi (decentralized finance) app which allows people to check their token balance over time after interest has accumulated using blockchain. This app was built on DFX which is an Ethereum-based decentralized exchange protocol; allowing for safe and secure token exchange amongst clients; tested by 10+ users. The app was also developed using the new Motoko language, and was deployed on the Internet Computer. You can check out the projects through this link!


Embedded Systems Projects

Over the past 3 years, I have built multiply circuits and embedded systems, which have allowed me to further explore the field of computers and how their systems work. Here are my most notable projects (with links):

Clear Picture Of Circuit (1).jpg
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